Power Soccer School of Excellence Partners

WPB Soccer is a fun Men’s rec league for Adults aged 21 and up. We provide a fun and organized 7 v 7 soccer league for players of all skill levels. We cater for all players whether you are a rookie just starting to pick up soccer or the next Pele. All skill levels are welcome to play and enjoy the beautiful game.

Don’t have a team? Don’t worry, just sign up as a free agent and they will find you a team.

Why Should you choose WPB Soccer?

-The biggest league in South Florida and have been around for a long time. 24+ teams over 3 divisions

-The players and captains have say on how the league is run. When we are going to change something we contact the captains and let them vote on it first.

-The only league that offers relegation and promotion between divisions

-The the best available referees in the county

-The league have been the same price for over 10 years. We keep our overhead low so we can make soccer more affordable to you. Our team fee is $600. Other team fees in the area range from $850 – $1000. We don’t need a fancy website so we can charge you more money. Let’s concentrate on playing soccer and not making money.

– A not for profit soccer league. Majority of our money goes to local charities, sponsoring local youth programs and helping build communities. We have provided brand new sports uniforms to local under funded schools. We do an Annual Toy Drive/ Pub Crawl every Christmas, give whole team registrations to charity silent auctions, donate and work with Little Smiles, Donate to Susan G Komen and the homeless coalition, sponsor local kids in Marathons. We don’t just build teams and leagues, we build communities.